Happy New Year

2010 has come and gone. Wow, what a year it has been. As all of you know, I love to travel and the end of 2010 found me in bliss. In September to the middle of October, my husband and I visited London, York, the Cotswold’s, Oxford, Madrid, Segovia and Toledo. From the UK to Spain it was one hell of a ride. Then back to Los Angeles for a month and off to Maui Hawaii for Christmas break. The end of 2010 rang in 2011 with a whole lot of fun.

Now that we enter 2011, I am excited to see where this year brings me, what far off destination, what exciting new adventure awaits. Today I sit back and revisit my last few months with a big smile and a light heart. I believe one can never travel too much. To me, travel is the best source for an education. If one chooses to sink into the culture and drink up every moment, move on and drink from the fountain of life again and again, one can be the richest of all people. To allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and experience life is to fill your soul with the energy of this vast world and engage in mankind. This is how we become better, well-adjusted, tolerant, loving and giving human beings.

So now I will take a moment or two and think of all of my new friends, from the UK, to Spain from the island of Maui and my home in Los Angeles.

Happy New Year!


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