Simple Pleasures

Have you ever found yourself simply in love with life? Everyday, everywhere I turn, I am inspired either by a fabulous read, an exquisite film, laughing with friends, playing with my husband, or simply enjoying my surroundings.

Inspiration is what drives us to that unique place in life where we start to live. The simple pleasures that we take for granted can lead us to unpredictable happiness and life’s grandest pleasures.

Life, to live one day at a time, one moment at a time, to savor our surroundings, and explore the possibilities that lay at our doorstep, to acknowledge miracles, opportunities that surround us, and to not take one moment, one second for granted, that is truly living. Life, each and every second is different, never to be repeated just a simple beautiful moment to enjoy. Life one moment that can last forever, one moment that gives us the grandest of stories to tell for years to come and one moment that can change our lives forever, to learn from, to grow and to take pleasure in. Not all of life’s blessings are happy ones, but if we take with us the knowledge of life’s miracles or lessons, we grow as human beings, learning and evolving each and every moment.

This blog is a unique opportunity for me to share with you my life and the moments that make me happy and give me pleasure.   I hope my blog will inspire you to start noticing your surroundings, to love your life and appreciate what you have.  This blog is simply about not taking life for granted…finding the simple pleasures in life that inspire ones deepest desires and gives the grandest of pleasures.

Simply put…Life is simply delicious!



One response to “Simple Pleasures

  1. David Lee Landt

    Cameron you are Love and inspire so many people by showing that love every day. You were sent here from Heaven to stop the madness and the constant fight over stupid things like religon. God is in the heart of those that believe and that is all that matters. Were are all his Children or non of us are, because he does not discriminate. Cameron expands that Love into the hearts of all he meets. He brought me back from death and took me into his heart and gave me a reason for living. There is no other like him ans could never be. Only Cameron was given the special gift to brighten the days of all the he touches. People once thought all emotions, from fear to joy, were housed in the heart. Later, they belived the only emotion of the heart was love. That’s why the heart is still the Symbol of Love.

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